Why This Book?

The idea
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Because in the world today, everybody types. Emails, text messages, some people even prefer typing over talking. 

Technology helps everyone. Tech companies see the benefits of assistive technology to disabled people - including non-speaking disabled people - and they invest in new devices and new apps everyday.

Despite this new vision, there is still much stigma when it comes to Autistic, and other disabled people who don't speak, or who do not have reliable expressive language.
We are often dismissed as not smart enough, not capable of learning or to grow up to be adults with agency and self-determination. 

There is also the bias direct at us if we need some form of physical support, even if the support is a light touch; there is bias if we no longer need support but need the presence of a trusted and trained friend, or facilitator; there is bias even if we never needed any kind of physical support but our typed words do not match our oral speech.

Did you know that Helen Keller was also dismissed and her communication was said to be not a valid one, that she wasn’t really saying what she was saying? We want this book to be about our voices and we want it to be part of the history of typing as a valid form of communication for everyone.

Helen Keller is just one example, a historical one. We are the ones who are writing, today, the history that will be told tomorrow.