You can submit up to 3 pieces about why typing is important to you, how it makes your life easier, or anything you want other people to know about this method of communication.

You can submit essays, poems, stories or anything you want 

Each submission can have up to 3000 words (although we will consider all submissions) and can of course be much shorter, too.

We will not accept pieces that are pro-cure, anti-vaccine, pro-therapies that seek to change who we are. We want to send a positive message about people who type to communicate and about inclusion.

We do not accept the use of functioning labels.

The editors are Autistic and use identity-first language. We do respect individual choices (identity-first or person-first) and we will not accept submissions that do not respect those choices. Some people who type are other than Autistic, and if that's you, please send us stuff-- we encourage your input.

We ask that you give us exclusivity of your submissions until the book is published but if you have something that was already published, or partially published, and you want to submit it, we will consider it as well.

Your participation is voluntary. There will be no financial burden or compensation for the contributors, during the process, or after the book is published

If you are underage, we need written authorization from a parent or guardian.

Together with the submission, we would like a mini biography and how you would like to be identified (full name, first name only, pseudonym, anonymous)

The deadline is October 1st, 2014