Have you heard? Typed Words, Loud Voices is out and available! Get yours at AutPress.com - consider donating copies to libraries and universities!!

It is for people who type all the time, or some of the time.

It is for people who type independently or with some physical support.
It is for people who use letter boards, stencils, tablets, computers or even the phone.

The book is part of a larger project of acceptance, of value, and of respect for all disabled people.

The title of the book - Typed Words, Loud Voices - is intended to remind people that just because we don't speak, it does not mean we are silent. Our voices might come from a computer or through someone else's reading our words, but they are as important as the voices of everyone else. 

We want to show, through this book, that we will not stop challenging the old and tired assumption that grades us based on how much we can say with oral speech. 

We want to challenge the assumptions that oral speech is the main and final goal if we want to be fully participants in society.

Read our book and get everyone else you know to read it too!! Thank you <3